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Edition 11 • December 2019

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One of the features of Forsyth Barr’s growth over the past 81 years has been the ability of the company to adapt and transform itself in response to the changing world, while at the same time nurturing our key attributes of investment expertise and personal client service.

Today, rapid digitisation and technological advancement are transforming how businesses engage with their clients. These factors are having an impact globally on traditional banking, wealth management services and financial markets. At Forsyth Barr we recognise the importance of using smart technology to enhance our service to you and we’ve recently appointed a new Head of Innovation to lead our development in this area.

There are already a number of areas we’ve identified as opportunities for enhancement. We will be enabling our clients to connect with us from anywhere, at any time, about anything which is important to them concerning their financial relationship with us.

Among the wide-ranging research on the potential impact of “robo-advice” (a phrase which suggests technology can replace the role of a human adviser), we support the analysis in a recent paper that suggests rather than digital tools replacing people, they will work hand-in-hand as part of the overall client experience, creating richer client conversations and a more personal service.

Used in the right way, the smart use of technology will also enhance our portfolio analysis and personal investment advice to you. Personal service from your Investment Adviser will always be the hallmark of your investment relationship with Forsyth Barr. We believe this is not dissimilar to other professions, like medicine where technology will aid medical advances but a conversation with a trusted medical professional will still be key to the overall patient experience; or accounting where online accounting tools are transforming the profession but not replacing the role of the accountant as a trusted business adviser.

Over the coming months, we’ll be aiming to realise many of these opportunities. Some of these will be more behind-the-scenes, where we’ll seek to streamline aspects of our internal processes to remove complexity and save time. Some will be client-facing, where (for example) we’ll be looking to make greater use of technology when a client wishes to start an investment relationship with us by opening a new account.

Overall, the ability for us to blend digital capabilities, processes and client engagement with our investment expertise is an exciting combination. Over the coming months, we look forward to sharing the benefits of our innovation with you, as we work to leverage the opportunities than new technology now offers.

Neil Paviour-Smith
Managing Director, Forsyth Barr

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